Web Development

Website databases vary greatly in function and complexity from collecting visitor's email addresses to store and retrieve thousands of transactions.

Dynamic website content and the fast and easy navigation and retrieval of web information will give the much needed competitive advantage that determines the success or failure of an e-business.

That said, it is imperative to analyze, design and develop a dynamic website to effectively meet the needs of each business and its customers. This requires a thorough understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs.

If the design is well crafted from the point of initiation, it not only produces a faster and user-friendly database, but it also saves development time and unnecessary modifications by the end of the day.
Infinity Incorporation is engaged in providing Software Consultancy and Marketing Services. Infinity Incorporation carries its assignments at client sites or off-site. We serve Vertical markets like finance, advertising, inventory, marketing, management, etc. For Horizontal markets our services include Internet/Intranet applications like PHP, My SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL 2000, Com/DCom, Java, Java Beans, Perl, JDK,etc.


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   <imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Website development
   <imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Internet Business Applications Development.
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   arrow Enabling E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Travel/News portals
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Portal Development , Maintenance and Management
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Portal-Turnkey project Execution
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Flash website development
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Blogs/ Classifieds / Forums websites
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Videos / Events / Yellow Pages websites
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Real Estate websites
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> Social Networking websites
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> News Letter Management
<imgsrc="http://www.infinityincorporation.com/images/content/arrow.gif" alt="arrow" height="13"width="5"> CMS (Content Management System) Based Websites


INFINITY INCORPORATION specializes in developing dynamic website databases as part of large scale projects. We will listen to your needs and develop a website having an "Administration Module which works as a Back Bone for the website ", which will ensure that your business succeeds.

Our Designers & Programmers can produce a variety of reliable and efficient databases. This custom web database design, development and integration will represent a substantial part of the development time and costs for B2C and B2B websites.

Web Designing


I don't know if you've noticed this already but there are a whole lot of web sites out there. Web design is everywhere. Yikes! How will your website stand out from the competition? Well, here's the good news.


A unique, well planned, professional web design can put you right in a class of your own and your business will come across as the most trustworthy, organised and professional. So many web sites out there are a complete mess that you should count your blessings! All you'll need to get it right is a talented team of web designers... and since you're reading this you're already halfway there. You're the expert on your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Whether you're looking for a small business web site, a brochure website, an ecommerce web site or any type of web design for that matter, there are some crucial ingredients needed to get the recipe right, and we can make sure your web design hits the mark with all of them.

First off, your website has got to look good to your target market. We've all been told not to judge a book by it's cover, but with web design the visual impact will be the first thing your visitors encounter. Miss on this one and visitors may be clicking right onto your competitors.

Number two. Your web site must contain relevant content for your visitors. What are they looking for in terms of information? Thoughtful copywriting is vital as it sets the tone and personality of your business. That's how your visitors get an idea of who they are really dealing with.
Number three. Your web design needs to be structured in a user-friendly way. Navigation options must be clear and calls to action should be sprinkled throughout the site to help your visitors get to the destinations they seek. Using our years of experience with people and web design we'll make sure your website is very people friendly.

Number four. If you are looking for traffic from the search engines then your web design must be strategised from the very beginning with the search engines in mind. They can be tough customers and it's important to know what they like and what they don't like. We have a great relationship with the search engines and will make sure that your website does as well.

We'll design a unique professional web site for your business, to meet your specific business needs.
We can arrange your domain name registration and web hosting needs.
We'll provide search engine optimisation and submission to the search engines.
If you'd like to update your own web site, we can set you up with an easy to use content management system.
Need to get a logo design and branding in place? We can get your business dressed for success in no time.
Want to showcase or sell your products online? Find out how we can help you with e-commerce.
Professional web design can help you attract new customers, build your brand, manage areas of your customer service, promote your products and services and keep you in contact with your customers.

We have Designed and Developed several websites and portals for clients from different countries such as USA, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and UAE

We provide the following services:

  • Logos
  • Website design and development
  • Redesigning your existing website
  • Navigation design and development
  • "Look and Feel" development

Web site design includes defining the site, developing the site structure, visual design and testing, production and Q&A, testing for usability and analyzing your competition.

Web site redesign includes effective navigation, visual appeal, updated information, multi-platform compatibility, a professional presence and an interactive site.

This proven experience at Infinity Incorporation makes the difference in the way the business is conducted with the clients and business associates. Many of the team members are Certified Professionals of global technology leaders like Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc.


Your web site may begin to look outdated. It's time for a new look, more user-friendly navigation, a more web savvy logo and easy-to-scan-through presentation of content. You may find that new graphic design and flash development will add to your users experience. It's time for a redesign. This will require, looking at your web site with new eyes, as a visitor would see it. Does it communicate? Is it effective? What are your goals for the web site? Are they being achieved? A redesign can sometimes be more complicated than the creation of a new web site. You will have to decide how much of the old site to use and how much to throw away. It's important to note that pages that are indexed with search engines should not be deleted or their URL changed.

Flash Development

Macromedia Flash is a great tool for interesting, interactive, fast-paced multimedia presentations on the web. Infinity Incorporation Flash Developers are geared to meet your Flash requirements in creating:

Flash Development

  • Interactive Presentations
  • Company Presentations
  • Flash Introductions
  • Banner Ads
  • Flash Video and Audio